Eduroam - WiFi Access

Secure Wireless Access

Eduroam allows staff and students from external organisations to access WiFi on Boston College campuses. Eduroam is also available a variety of locations across the UK.

Connecting to Eduoram

Boston College staff/students should connect to Eduroam using their Boston College email and password. It is recommended to connect to Eduroam at a Boston College campus before using the service at another location. 

Visitors to Boston College should connect to the Boston College Eduroam service using their own college/business email and password.

Acceptable Use Policy

All users must abide by the Eduroam 'Acceptable Use' policy, and the Boston College 'Acceptable Use' policy.

Boston College staff members must also abide by the Boston College Staff 'Acceptable Use' policy.

Further Information

If you would like further information on Eduroam, please visit the Eduroam website.

You can download our course guide



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